Mission & Vision


Inspire discovery through innovation, hands on experiences, and exploratory play.



Founded in August 2019, the Chambers County Children’s Museum “seeks to inspire discovery through innovation, hands on experiences and exploratory play”. The CCC Museum is a registered is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization in the state of Texas with a Board of Directors comprised of 12 community leaders who are passionate about bringing play-centered learning to Chambers County. The explosive growth of the area, primarily made of young families, is driving the need for more family and kid-centered activities and programs. The Chambers County Children’s Museum strives to fill that need by bringing unparalleled exhibits and experiences to our Chambers County Community.

Map of Mont Belvieu and the pinned location of the Chambers County Children's Museum.
In November of 2019, the group partnered with the new owners of the old Thrif-Tee Food Center located at 10955 Eagle Drive in the heart of Mont Belvieu, TX for a 15 year free lease. In the Spring/Summer of 2021 we completed an extensive analysis of the current state of the building, worked with an architectural firm to determine the specifics of renovations, and are anticipating breaking ground on our renovations in October. Once completed, the Chambers County Children’s Museum will be the only organization in a 45-mile radius that provides a unique learning experience specifically designed for children and their families. Chambers County Families with young kids currently have limited leisure enrichment destinations in the area, especially when the weather is too hot, rainy, or too cold. We are working hard to be celebrating our Grand Opening in the Spring/Summer of 2022.

Exhibit Sponsorship: The Chambers County Children’s Museum will highlight our community’s industries – rice farming and oil and gas. The Museum will have 2 primary Exhibit Areas: Main Street, located throughout the CCCM Interior, and Boardwalk, our featured Exterior Exhibits. Each of these areas will offer opportunities for permanent & term length sponsorship from our local corporate partners at varying price points based on exhibit specifics. Check out all the ways you can help build the Chambers County Children’s Museum by perusing our Sponsorship Menu.