Sponsor a Permanent Exhibit


While many of the Chambers County Children’s Museum Exhibit Spaces will rotate in design and sponsorship organizations, favorite Permanent Exhibits will anchor opportunities for our community to discover, innovate and engage on hands on exploratory play. How can you get involved – I’m glad you asked!


In order to make this museum a success, we need you to sponsor an Permanent Exhibit at the Chambers County Children’s Museum. Permanent Exhibits can be found on both the CCCM Main Street (interior) and Boardwalk (exterior). Check out our Permanent Exhibit options by navigating through the Permanent Exhibit sub menu. Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? Your company can work collaboratively with the CCCM Board of Directors to customize yout permanent Boardwalk Exhibit to best convey your companies marketing goals.


Interested? Your first step awaits… Please email us with the information below. You will be contacted to set up an initial meeting.

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The museum will collaborate with all Permanent Exhibit Sponsors on the designs of each Exhibit. What are your marketing/design goals?