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The Chambers County Children’s Museum has over 70 generous corporate and private sponsors who have helped bring our vision to life. Are YOU interested in being part of of bringing innovation, inspiration and exploration to the children and families of Chambers County? Check out our sponsorship opportunities listed below. Interested in sponsorship or a donation but don’t see what you’re looking for?

Please reach out to Executive Director Melody Kraus.

Art RoomAccommodating 45 people and painted by muralist David Maldonado, the art room is open during regular hours for a daily craft and is also utilized for birthday parties and summer camps. It is a beautiful space where creativity is bound to be unleashed!$100,000 underwriter or $10,000 per year
Energy GazeboFeaturing several videos that tell the story of oil and natural gas, this learning exhibit will educated kids and adults alike. $50,000
Farm Exhibit Naming RightsMore than ½ of Chambers County land holds a farm. That’s over 200,000 acres (or 312 square miles)! This exhibit features rice sensory tables, a grow station, a John Deere tractor, and a Chambers County train exhibit.$65,000
Quantum SpaceLight & Movement merge together in this interactive experience sure to delight! $14,000
Flower PowerThe Flower Power Exhibit at Music Station will definitely attract your busy bee/music maker! $4,500
Music CentralMusic Central will bring a beautiful melody to your children's learning and fun!$10,500
Tree-mendous Music MakerThe Tree-mendous Music Maker at Music Station is sure to leaf you amazed!tree$6,000
Light Room Naming RightsThe Light Room includes a variety of interactive elements that captivate children’s imaginations as they explore the properties of light, color, design and shadows.$100,000
Picnic TableLocated on the Pavilion at Recess (our outside exhibit space) 10' picnic tables will allow a space for you and the entire family to gather. (3 total, 1 available).$2,000
MuralLocated on North side of the building, in Recess exhibit, this 45' x 20' mural by David Maldonado features a Chambers County landscape including a Roseate Spoonbill and an Alligator. It's sure to be an "instagram" moment!$15,000