Toddler Town on Main Street

August 30, 2021

Did you know that by 21 months of age, toddlers use at least 50 words? We are certain that here in Chambers County, our toddlers 50+ words will include, “Take me to Toddler Town!” Designed for children aged 0-23 months, Toddler Town will be a destination stop on the Chambers County Children’s Museum Main Street. The Toddler Town Exhibit will include colorful, soft play elements sure to inspire our youngest Museum goers.

Executive Director, Melody Kraus, is actively chatting with McDonalds of Mont Belvieu and Baytown owner Matthew Kades about sponsoring Toddler Town. McDonald’s Mont Belvieu is proud to have a state of the art play area for young children, and is looking to continue that commitment to the youngest members of our community into the Chambers County Children’s Museum!

It’s really happening!!!!!Who has the BEST community????? We do!