Cats and Dogs and Pets - oh my!!!

May 20, 2021

For many children, the family pet(s) ranks top on their list of best friends. Even for adults, pets round out our lives, offering companionship, affection and entertainment – especially in the midst of a pandemic! The Chambers County Children’s Museum is excited to offer a Veterinary Clinic or “Animal Hospital” as one of our Main Street Exhibits. As they explore the “Animal Hospital”, children will have the opportunity to learn about pet health and care, and what is needed to be a responsible pet parent. Museum programming will expand upon the Animal Hospital Exhibit teaching best practices to care for your pet, and offering museum goers the opportunity to interact with new furry friends.

Do you have an idea for future Museum programming? Email Executive Director, Melody Kraus, and let her know what your children are interested in exploring!

If you build it, they will…play!“Take a look, it’s in a book…”