I...have...the POWER!!!!

October 12, 2021

There is no denying that I am a child of the ’80’s. I grew up before there the world held a cell phone, before TV could be paused (much less streamed), and when social media was a clandestine note passed down the row of desks when our homeroom teacher wasn’t looking. My brother and I would book it home from school, rush through our homework and – snack in tow – turn on the television to watch our favorite afternoon cartoon: He-Man. In his down time, He-Man was Adam – a clumsy, nervous prince who stumbled through life. But when his world was threatened, Adam grabbed a bit of courage (and a magical sword) and uttered the 4 most awesome words in the entire world (at least to a 6 year old): “I…have…the POWER”. Suddenly, Adam was transformed into strong, coordinated, brave He-Man, rushing off to save the day. It was magic!

Last week, the Chambers County Children’s Museum voted to approve our electrical, lighting, and surface designs created by the Mark W. Todd Architectural engineering team. And – you guessed it – “We…have…the POWER”! Or at least an excellent plan for how to power, light, and dress the 16k square feet of the old Thrif-Tee Grocery Store which will soon (so very soon) be the home of the Chambers County Children’s Museum. With RGB changable, dimmable lights through out the Exhibit Space we will be able to not only shine a lot of light on our hands on exhibits, but also cast a mood and change things up as we continue to grow and find new ways to inspire the children of Chambers County.

We’re getting close! Soon our children (and community) will have a space dedicated to helping them craft their own dreams, inspire their growing creativity, and explore who they might one day be. And that my friends, is true power!

Who has the BEST community????? We do!Raise the Roof!