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While many of the Chambers County Children’s Museum Exhibit Spaces will rotate in design and sponsorship organizations, favorite Permanent Exhibits will anchor opportunities for our community to discover, innovate and engage in hands on exploratory play.

In order to make this museum a success, we need underwriters! Permanent Exhibits can be found on both the CCCM Main Street (interior) and Boardwalk (exterior). Check out our Permanent Exhibit options listed below in this handy Sponsorship Menu. Not seeing exactly what you are looking for? You can work collaboratively with the CCCM Board of Directors to customize your permanent Boardwalk Exhibit to best convey your personal or corporate marketing and community service goals.



Bernoulli BlowerThe Bernoulli Blower at the Chambers County Children’s Museum will bring the power of air (and air pressure) to life as museum goers are entranced with the magic of bright floating balls!$17,000
Illumination StationOur light room will be a favorite stop at the Museum. Who doesn't like a light brite? And a gigantic, wall mounted option - epic! $10,000
Toddler TownThe Toddler Town Exhibit will include colorful, soft play elements sure to inspire our youngest Museum goers.
Gear WallYoung engineers in the making will experience both cause and effect, and trial and error by creating a chain reaction along this 5'x10-' wall using 60 vibrant and varied magnetic gears.$13,500
Water ExhibitThe Water Exhibit will include a water table with bubblers, waterfalls, drums, dams and water wheels. $50,000
Alligator StatueThe Chambers County Alligator statue is sure to be a prime photo stop along the Chambers County Children’s Museum “Boardwalk”.$4,500
Big Blue BlocksThe Big Blue Blocks Permanent Exhibit will inspire Children to create their own world, design their own inventions, and learn about shapes and building principles.$5,000 annually,
3 year term
Play HouseThe Play House on the Boardwalk at the Chambers County Children’s Museum will bring home to our children, and bring children home.$10,000
Park BenchPark Benches located along the Main Street Museum will offer a space to rest and enjoy. $1,200
Sand PitThe Sand Pit located on the Museum Boardwalk will be the perfect space to practice digging, creating, and building the perfect sand castle. $5,000
Light TableThe Light Table located in the light room will be a space for children to learn about the property of colors. $15,500
Paper Airplane LauncherThe Paper Airplane Launcher will teach the properties of air, lift and aerodynamic force. $10,000
Scarf TubeThe Scarf Tubes are sure to delight and marvel as scarves whirl through a maze of tubes and hoses$17,500
Magnetic Ball WallThe Magnetic Ball Wall teaches about simple machines, conservation of momentum, and the laws of motion. $15,000
Climbing WallThe Climbing Wall will challenge children to explore their physical strength and planning abilities. Climbing Wall on the Boardwalk at the Chambers County Children's Museum$19,000
Fitness CentralFitness Central will inspire children to develop muscle strength and coordination all while having fun! Fitness Central on the Boardwalk at the Chambers County Children's Museum. $10,000
Music CentralMusic Central will bring a beautiful melody to your children's learning and fun!$10,500
Flower PowerThe Flower Power Exhibit at Music Station will definitely attract your busy bee/music maker! $4,500
Tree-mendous Music MakerThe Tree-mendous Music Maker at Music Station is sure to leaf you amazed!tree$6,000
Vegetable GardenThe Garden Area on the Boardwalk will extend the learning of our Farming Exhibit encouraging children to learn all about what makes plants grow. Raised Garden Bed$4,750
Milking CowThe Milking Cow at the Farm Exhibit will be a 'dairy' good time for our Museum goers!Milking Cow$10,000
Sensory BinsChambers County has a long history of Rice Farming. Learn all about this important crop at our Rice Sensory BinsRice Sensory Tables$1,300
Grow StationThe Grow Center will bring growing and farming inside!Grow Center$1,500
Scooter StationAt Scooter Station children wiggle their way into physical fitness on the Chambers County Children’s Museum Boardwalk. $8,000